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Pet Food Supplement

Pet Food Supplement

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  • Naked Organs pet food supplement is a blend of grass fed & finished bison heart, liver, kidney and testicle.

  • Our 450g bags have a recommended serving size of 1/4-1/2 cup daily, and will last 1-2 months depending on your pets size and needs.
  • With no seed oils, chemicals, fillers, pesticides or bullshit of any kind. Your furry friends are guaranteed to love it!
  • It’s no secret that canines and felines consume the organs first when they hunt, and for a good reason. It’s the most nutrient dense part of the animal.
  • Simply scoop 1/4 (small pets) - 1/2 cup (larger pets) once a day into their food or by itself as a “treat”. It can be given by itself, in wet food, dry food, or splashed with a bit of water (in any of those applications) to wet it before consumption if your pet is older and has difficulty with dry foods. 

Some of the benefits for your furry friends:

1. Increased energy and play. 

2. Can help with gum inflammation.

3. Can help with bad breath.

4. Joint pain.

5. Shinier coats.

6. Stronger nail/claws.

7. Support for healthy bowels and bowel movements. 

8. Can help with proper hormone regulation.

*Supplementing your chicken feed with this product will also help add missing vitamins & nutrient to your chickens diets that will help with egg production, dark yellow delicious yokes, and healthy happy chickens*

*Our pet food supplement will be small batch, so get it while you can. We will refill stock as often as possible* 


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