The Who & Why

Naked Organs was founded by a diverse group of family and friends including an Indigenous shareholder in Southern Alberta in 2022.
Coming from cross functional backgrounds in small business, health, wellness and with a passion for livestock, we know what many don't...yet. That is, bison and beef organ meats are the most nutrient dense and bioavailable whole foods humans can incorporate into their daily routines. But we, like most people, don't find eating organs the "funnest", tastiest or the most convenient.
With all that in mind, we set out to tackle a few key issues and now offer our customers something truly amazing.
  • Our products offer consumers an alternative for getting the benefits and nutrients of organ meats conveniently through a freeze dried and capsulized nutraceutical.
  • We wanted our consumers to feel like the products they purchase are contributing to a more sustainable livestock industry here in Alberta.
  • We wanted our consumers to have confidence that the products they get are 100% organic and come from grass fed and finished ruminant animals. Locally farmed and produced in Alberta.
  • We want our consumers to be able to achieve health and wellness without breaking the bank.
  • Our business model and products are designed to put money back into our consumers' pockets by eliminating unnecessary synthetic supplements.
  • We wanted to offer consumers more options, which in our case is bison


In a nutshell Naked Organs believes our products should be "O'Natural" (naked so to speak) with N.O Bullshit, we hope you enjoy!