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When can I expect to see results?

While many individuals report seeing benefits within the first couple weeks, it may take longer (up to 30 or even in some cases 60 days) for some, especially if you are already generally healthier.

Regardless, these supplements provide fundamental building blocks to promote and support good health and vitality even if you dont notice anything.

In conjuntion with supplementing to see major changes in your health, we recommend removing immunologically triggering foods such as seed oils and other offensive plant foods high in oxolates.

What about my other multivitamins?

Just another way we will SAVE YOU MONEY!

We belive it is best to get your nutrition from whole food sources rather than from synthetic sources such as multivitamin supplements.

There's much that is unknown about synthetically produced vitamins and minerals, but it is well known that nutrients found in whole foods impact our health and vitality significantly more.

The vitamins, minerals, growth factors, and peptides and other molecules found in our supplements are in their bioidentical form that the human body already uses (hense the term "more bioavailable"). This means better absorption and utulization within the human body.

How many capsules should I take daily?

We recommend 6 capsules a day, this is approximately 1 ounce of organ meat per day. If you want additional support, then the dose can be increased to double or tripple the recommendation without any issues or concerns of nutrient overdose.

On the flip side, our products are very nutrient-dense, so depending on your size, it's completely suitable for a dosage that is also smaller than the recommendation if that is what you feel you need.

Dosages in the range of 3-6 can be common, especially for smaller people, women, kids or pets. 

When should I take my capsules?

We recommend taking them all on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before your first meal of the day to maximize the benefits. That being said, everyone is different so try different times and doses to find what works best for you and your lifestyle.

I have difficulty with swallowing pills, what do you reccomend?

Our capsules can easily be pulled apart and put it into something that you can drink, or sprinkle it over something you eat. For kids its great mixed into some apple sauce or yogurt, for pets it is great sprinkled in with their food.

Please keep in mind this will alter the taste of whatever you are consuming.

Can I take my capsules without food?

Absolutey, this is a whole food. You can take them with or without food as you see fit. Its no differant than eating organ meats, this is just a freeze dried and powdered version.

Can I give these to my child?

Absolutely! However, they will not need the recommended dose of 6 capsules due to their size. It will not harm them to take the full recommended dose, they simply will not be getting the full benefits of the recommended serving.

Start with 1-2 capsules a day for your toddlers and children.

Can I give these to my pet?

Yes! Our products are completley safe for your carnivourous pets. They love the taste of organs and would naturally consume them in the wild. Some healthy pet foods have caught on and can contain some source of organ meats in them.

How should I store my product?

In a dry environment out of direct sunlight, such as your cupboard or drawer. If they are stored where there is no moisture, our freeze dried products can last 15-25 years.

Why are your products freeze dried and not dehydrated?

Freeze-dried foods retain the the vitamins and minerals found in their fresh state. Freeze-dried food retains its nutrition because of the “cold, vacuum” process that is used to extract the water.

Unlike the nutritional value of dehydrated food, it is generally around 60% of equivalent fresh food. This loss is mainly due to the heat used during dehydration which breaks down vitamins and minerals.

Its important to also note that most home dehydrated products like dried fruit, meat, & vegies have a shelf life of 1 year or less. Those same foods utulizing a freeze dryer method (such as ours) have a 15 to 25 year shelf life.

Liver is a filter organ, does it need to be cleaned?

This is a common misconseption. The liver does filter what is ingested but the waste is evacuated and does not remain or get stored in the organ itself.

Why do I need to make an account?

You dont have to create an account by any means. You can checkout as a guest on our store.

BUT! By creating an account you can easily edit your information, change your shipping address and cancel or make changes to your subscriptions at any time.

What are the benefits and nutritional information?

For nutritional information, please see our "Nutritional Info" section in the header of our website.

Nutritional info is estimated based on 1 ounce of raw bison organs. A suggested daily serving of 6 capsules (500mg per capsule) is equivalent to approximately 1 ounce of organs.

*Our products are 100% organic and animal based including bovine gelatin capsules*


Heart: Bison heart is an ancestral multivitamin. Nutrient stacked with B- vitamins, selenium, zinc, heme iron, and some beneficial electrolytes. It also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. The heart is one of the richest natural sources of Coenzyme Q10, this coenzyme and antioxidant is produced naturally by the body but decreases as we age. Conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders have all been associate with low CoQ10. The heart is stated by some as boosting cognitive function because both B vitamins and CoQ10 support brain health, boost immunity, and improve energy due to the CoQ10’s ability to generate energy in the cells. Heart is consumed to improve and support circulatory and/or cardiovascular problems due to the B vitamins cardioprotective effects. Eating heart improves one’s own heart due to the nutrient stack inside of it.

Liver: Another powerhouse of nutrition is the liver. Especially coming from the strength of a grass-fed bison. All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver filters (cleans) the blood, removing toxins and waste that eventually leaves the body through urine and feces. A high functioning liver is key to overall health of the body.

The liver is stated as being the highest form of nutrient dense food there is. Heme Iron is found in liver. Non-heme iron, which accounts for the majority of the iron in plants, is less well absorbed. More than 95% of functional iron in the human body is in the form of heme. Heme should be considered an essential nutrient for humans. Vitamin D is essential to the absorption of Iron in the body. Iron deficiency can indicate low Vitamin D. Liver is rich in Vitamin D. High in rare forms of vitamin K2, people who have liver disease, cirrhosis and small intestine malabsorption (Crohn’s disease, IBS, colitis) may develop vitamin K deficiency because the body stores very little. Vitamin B12, copper, riboflavin and tremendous amounts of Vitamin A which is important for vision, immune system, reproduction, and growth and development.
With all these nutrient properties, ingesting liver will help with energy levels, hair/nail/skin growth, joints/tendons/ligaments/ connective tissue, faster collagen production with wound healing, endocrine function and immune regulation.
For women, it can help with their menstrual cycles. Less cramping, better mood regulation and emotional states, as well as faster recovery after period due to deficiencies presented from loss during menstrual cycle, the beneficial Heme Iron and nutrient profile.

Kidney: The kidneys’ main job is to remove waste and extra fluid from your body. Your kidneys will also remove acid that is produced by the cells of your body. Important in today’s world, our kidneys keep a balance of water, salts, and minerals (electrolytes) in your blood. Ingesting kidney is said to help our kidneys, which means it will improve of lymphatic system, detoxification, and stimulation of our immune system.

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the generation of free radicals and the antioxidant system, which causes damage to biomolecules. This, in turn, may lead the body to the occurrence of many chronic degenerative diseases. Therefore, it is very important to know the functioning of those endogenous (and exogenous) antioxidants systems to prevent such diseases. Ingesting kidney and the nutrient profile produces the endogenous antioxidants to help this system.
Kidney contains vitamins such as zinc, folate, iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium, manganese and B vitamins, similar to heart. Kidney contains Vitamin K2, which helps to distribute calcium throughout the body. A lot of people are low in electrolytes due to the use of low nutrient water (RO or distilled) and mineral-depleted growing soil. Kidney is rich in minerals and electrolytes: potassium (regulation of blood pressure), magnesium (relaxation, muscle health), calcium (bone health) and sodium (nerve impulses and contraction and relaxation of muscles).
Diamine oxidase (DAO) is an important digestive enzyme in your body. DAO is used as a supplement to help with histamine intolerance, which can cause migraines and headaches, gut issues, and skin conditions. Kidney is full of DAO and has cofactors such as copper, magnesium and Vitamin B6 that are also provided and needed in order for DAO to do its job in the body. Magnesium deficiency may result in decreased DAO activity and excess histamine levels.
As part of the lower urinary tract, prostate problems are common in men. The prostate is a small gland found only in men. It surrounds the tube that carries urine out of the body (urethra). About 50% of men between the ages of 51 and 60 have Benign Prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), and that number jumps to 70% among men aged 60 to 69 and around 80% of men over 70 years of age. Healthy kidneys filter about a half cup of blood every minute, removing waste and extra water to make urine. With the benefits of ingesting kidney this has the possibility of helping kidney function along with lifestyle changes in men.

Anti-inflammatory and histamine properties, contains rare peptides, the most B12 in the animal kingdom, critical for cellular energy production & supports kidney health.

Trifecta: A great way to get a bit of everything!