Bison Versus Beef

One Man's Opinion - An Indigenous Perspective 

Bison has long been considered the Original Red Meat. For millennium, the vast bison herds of the great plains of the North American interior provided life and cultural sustenance for many Indigenous Groups. This majestic herbivore was everything to these people, of whom I am immensely proud to share heredity. 

In contrast, domesticated beef cattle did not make an appearance on the North American landscape until the early 1600's.

So much history, so much controversy, and so much education and examination has transpired from those days of long ago. 

Whether it is the;

  • Leaner protein benefit
  • 25% fewer calories
  • Better choice for heart health
  • Reduction of inflammation and lower oxidative stress
  • Higher concentration of micronutrients
  • Yield of a softer more tender cut of meat

Bison has received a renewed and well-deserved resurgence as a healthier alternative to beef. 

Suitable for many different dietary disciplines and lifestyles, it is my sincere hope that the product offering of Naked Organs will aid and fulfill your personal quest for wellbeing.


Thank you (HiY HiY)

Shawn Mac Donald 
Owner & Co-Founder @ Naked Organs
Swampy Cree Metis - Treaty 1 (Including the 1870 Manitoba Land Scrip)
Citizenship Alberta Metis nation
Citizenship Manitoba Metis Nation.